Annoyed with not announcing new releases

I’ve bought the Fairphone 2 and 3 a couple of years after their launch, both times I’ve asked whether a new phone was in the pipeline before buying, with the answer being no, and both times a new phone has been released within 4 months of me asking the company/searching the web and then buying a phone. It’s not that I’m not satisfied with my current phone, but both times the new phone has been so much better and it’s annoying when I know it’s 100% against the idea to scrap the phone I just got to get the newest one. Am I the only one? Wouldn’t it be better/smarter to have an estimated countdown of when Fairphone release a new phone?

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Yes it would be nice to know. Most companies release a phone every year so their customers know roughly how long it will be until the next model.

Faiphone seem to take about two years so it’s not really that unknown.

As for asking the company Hmm! I image they want to keep any new product a bit secretive whilst they are still selling a previous version.

So ~ I’ve had an FP3 for over a year ~ maybe there will be an FP5 in another two years and if all is well I’ll be waiting another four years to see if there is an FP6 but I don’t expect an invite until the month before.


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