Android Updates for FP2 and FP3


Not yet, but stay tuned :slight_smile:


As a fp2 and now fp3 user, I would happily test those betas :slight_smile:


You can already sign up for the FP2 beta if you want. Instructions here: Fairphone 2 beta program signup instructions


I love this company! I use my Fairphone 3 since launch and will not miss it. Also bought the new Wireless Ear Buds and must also say that it has a very good sound and works like a charm.

Love it!


Wow - can’t express how much I’m impressed by hearing about OS updates to my FP2 as it nears its 6 years mark! Thanks for the announcement, @rae and the FP team.


Thank you for these milestones in the consumer electronics industry, :blue_heart:

I just bought a slim case to give my 2015 FP2 a well-deserved boost. It must be said that I’m quite pleased with the new carbon-neutral shipping method, it’s truly awesome it will be sent without urgency and I’ll pick it up at a lifelong local shop in my neighborhood, less than 500 m away.

Keep up the great work and continue to inspire others! :raised_hands:


Me too! Thanks for posting about the extension :smiley:


I just got the email about the updates in my inbox. It’s not possible to join for the Android 11 beta on FP3 or is it not yet available?


I think there’s nothing new (public) on this yet since @gabrieleb’s reply a couple of days ago.

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Not yet, sorry. We bumped into a small deployment-related issue with the first beta release, and I want that out of the way before opening up.

Thanks @urs_lesse for pinging me.


@babays @veeck @Niekess


That’s not the case anymore, is it? The discount code is invalid it tells me - and I wanted to wait with an order until I need something else, too.

And another surprise btw:

And in the next step of the checkout process I get those two options:

Although I fully agree that shipping should cost something it would be great to have a more realistic estimate in the first overview.

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Yes, that expired at the end of the year:


@Martin_Anderseck I think I have 2 used uncracked cases for the FP2. Turquoise and Indigo, of you want send me a PM and I will have look.


@rae “But the good news doesn’t end there – for Fairphone 3 and 3+ users, today also marks a special day because beta testing for Android 11 starts this week with the aim to be publicly available in early 2022 too.”

  • Is April 2022 still considered early 2022?
  • When can we expect Android 11 on FP3(+)?
  • Beta testing still ongoing?

Just wanted to write the same.

It would really be a step in the right direction to not only bring Android 11 finally to the FP3 but also give it some needed improvements.

The community gives enough good feedback, time to act.

Or is the new plan to buy the FP 4+ next year to get updates on the phone, by that I mean toss the FP3… this would be wild and not positively wild.

I don’t see it that negative, but it must be said that there seems to be a delay. To be honest, I am ok with the delay as long as A11 will be a safe upgrade and a stable version.
Some of us had challenging months in the beginning of A10, affected by some pesky bugs - so I appreciate that Fairphone changed to a more extensive beta test!

On the other hand I also would appreciate a bit more communication from Fairphone. Not just about the release of A11, but also in general about the upgrade strategy (e.g. will the next upgrade be A13 instead of A12 to keep track with the general development?, etc.).


Android 11 staged roll-out for FP3 and FP3+ starts today:


WPA3 and MAC randomization finally works on Android 11 for FP3 and FP3+ :+1:

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I would not expect Android 12 within the next 12 months :wink: