Android system updates

What do you think, when can we expect an Android update.

Security patch level 01.08.2019 on the 21.10.2019 is not really what I expect from a “Stock” Android experience?

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Have you contacted the company about it? And feel free to share any responses here, too.

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@Ingo: On the bugtracker for Android 7 / Fairphone 2? :wink:

A support contact form for the Fairphone 3 can currently be found here (just choose Fairphone 3 as your model) …


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@AnotherElk: Contact form, awesome :+1:

I also find it rather bad with the updates. By product maintenance I mean something else.

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I cant wait for the next security patch because supposedly it means I can extract the stock boot.img from it and root my fairphone, and will also possibly make porting TWRP possible.


No security fixes, no sourcecode… The Fairphone 3 has no open security in mind.

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