Android Oreo Go for FP2?

This is probably a dumb question, but I’m gonna ask anyway: I’ve heard a little bit about Android Oreo Go, which seems to be some sort of Android light. Since it doesn’t seem like the Fairphone 2 will get the “normal” Android Upgrades because of some hardware-specifications it can’t match, would Oreo Go eventually be an option to get a “newer” Android on FP2?

Your question is already discussed in this thread (if I got it right):

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There is some discussions on Oreo in general, as @BertG mentioned above.

However, regarding Oreo Go, i doubt this will change anything regarding offical Oreo on FP2. See, the problem with Oreo on the FP2 is not the performance. In fact, the SoC in the FP2 has enough performance reserves: The processor is still on par with (low-to-mid-range) devices on the market today, it has 2GB of RAM, which is still okay and 32GB of internal storage, which is still absolutely sufficient.

Oreo GO optimizes for smaller app sizes, which is important for devices with internal storage smaller then 16GB (around 8GB), and less memory usage, which is important for devices with 1GB RAM or less. Those optimizations might improve performance on the FP2, but are not required.

Officially, the FP2 cannot receive Oreo because os missing SoC capabilities, be it Vulcan (graphics) or security (hardware encryption acceleration). I have not seen any reports of Google loosening those requirements in the Go edition – in short: Oreo Go is not for old devices but new devices with low performance specs and low prices.


Only if you stick to FP (Open) OS. Lineage OS seems to be a different story.

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At my spare phone (a Galaxy S5 with similar hardware as the FP2) yesterday I installed a LOS 15.1 unofficial build, it runs not perfect but already quite well. So there is hope, that we will get a LOS 15.1 at the FP2 as well.


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