Android forum.fairphone notifier plugin

Does a Android APP or Plugin exist that forwards notifications form to my Android notifications?
Regards, Novski

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Chrome supports push notifications over Google Cloud Messaging (GCM), and Discourse is working on support for Firefox:


Otherwise you could use the e-mail notification feature of the forum.

can i chose a single e-mail send-adress (not reception account) to be displayed? that wold help as well…

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. :confused: Could you reformulate it?

lets say i let my e-mail adress notify me when a e-mail arrives. It will show every e-mail of that account.
So my question is, how can i make only e-mails from messages be shown on the dispay…
because i only whant to notified when someting about fairphone is going on. (and al my spam is unnoticed) :grin:

You could use a separate e-mail account for the Fairphone forum. Install an e-mail client on your FP2 and voilà, you can see it in the notifications or in a widget. You only have to find an e-mail client which brings notifications/a widget.


Good idea! :grinning:

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