Android Alternative to BlackBerry10

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I’m still waiting for my FP2 - but in the meantime I’m already looking for some Android Alternatives to some BlackBerry10 features I really like (besides the keyboard - what might really be challenging ;). Does anyone knows an APP that could be compared to the BlackBerry Hub?
Right now I just found this one: but I cant’t tell, if it works.
Anyway - Maybe there are also other people who changed from a BB10 device to FP2 and might want to share some thoughts on how it was to switch from BB10 to Android 5.1. and also the switch from the hardware keyboard to the software one (my gf uses the FP1 and I really don’t get along with the keyboard very well - is it better with the FP2?)


If you told us what the Blackberry Hub does people who never had a Blackberry could help you to.

It is definitely different. Whether you like it better or worse you’ll have to decide for yourself. Anyways it’s an acquired taste, but if you can’t get along with it you can always install an alternative keyboard.

Also hardware keyboards are a real possibility for future modules.

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@paulakreuzer thanks for the fast replie and yes - to talk a little bit about the Hub is a good idea :wink: the BlackBerry Hub is basically a timeline for all mail accounts, messages (sms, telegram/whats app/twitter and so on), the calendar and reminders. (and also all sorts of system notifications) You get to it by sliding left from the homescreen. It is very useful, because you got everything that is going on on one page - maybe a bit like the slide down menu for notifications with android - just that the infos won’t be gone after you took a look at them. And you also do not need to open every app separately from the homescreen - the Hub just connects you imediately . another thing I really like: you do not need to oben the calendar app to see what’s going on - you just slide left and you see the upcoming events displayed on top in the hub. I hope this description gives somehow an impression of the BlackBerry Hub - also to non BB10 users.

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What you could do is make one screen with widgets for you messages, mail and calender. In that way, all the information is on one screen. But it still isn’t one app. But maybe someone else knows about something similar.


Sounds cool.
I guess you could get most of it’s functionality from Dashclock Widget + Extensions.

Yeah - it’s quite awesome :wink: was also thinking about the widgets but then I would have to say farewell to the timeline :confused: anyway - I will definitely try it - and also do more research - maybe there is something out there I can try out as soon I get my FP2 :slight_smile:

@paulakreuzer Dashclock does sound cool - will tell my gf to download it on her FP1 as soon as she gets home :slight_smile:

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