Android 9 update: initially possibility to switch phone colours to shades of grey, gone?

Hey there,
maybe someone else has faced the same problem I do right now. When I downloaded the latest update to Android 9, there was a possibility to directly switch on the “shades of grey”-function (not via “digital wellbeing” but with an own button). I switched that on to give it a try but when I tried to turn it off again, I realised the button was gone. Ever since my phone only displays grey colours, which is fine most of the time, but totally annoying when e.g. trying to take or look at pictures. Anyone ever faced that problem, too, and was able to solve it?

Maybe it’ buried in the developer options: How to Enable Grayscale Mode on Android - TechCult

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Are you sure it’s not related to “digital wellbeing”? Else you might have a look at this topic and solution:

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Thanks a lot. I never activated Digital wellbeing and opening it looks like it only gives the option to activate grayscales but still this somehow worked.

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