Android 8, when is it comming to Fairphone 2 users?

Need it to load down an app so I can charge my el car via the app - but the app will not function unless we have Android 8, so when please.

Never - we’re getting Android 9! It’s in beta right now, there’s no release date yet.


To sad, but thank you for your respons rmf

What app are you having trouble with? Maybe there’s a fix that doesn’t require an OS update.

2 Likes this one, sorry for the language, But I saw something that says, at least on Fairphone 3+, that Android 10 will be realesed soon. Nobody says how soon soon is.

Which app is it?

If it is an app for contactless payment at chargers, it likely won’t work as that requires NFC which the FP2 doesn’t have.

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This app is for private house charging, like our house, but we can easely charge the car with ordinary cable. The app is to vary the power and some more elegant things…

I can confirm that even if I convince the Play Store to let me download the app, it won’t install.

The most recent version of the app that I can successfully install and run is ZAPTEC 2.1 (download from APKpure). Could you try that version?

You can download that APK file to your phone and install it, but before you install it, you have to go to Settings > Security, and then enable ‘Unknown sources’. Then you can open the APK file and install.

If it works, it’ll be an older version so it probably won’t be as good as the new one, but you’ll at least be able to use it until the Android 9 update appears.


Maybe you are aware of this, but I’m not sure, so just in case: if the app requires android 8 to work, it will work on all higher android versions. So it will work on android 9 (normally).


Your post and mine just crossed each other, hence I asked what app it was after you had given the app. I see that it uses Bluetooth, not NFC, so I see no reason why it wouldn’t work on Android 9 once that gets released.


Thanks rmf, I will give it a try


For the Fairphone 3 and 3+, Android 10 already available.

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