Android 7 - Project update

Hi guys,

We are still working hard on releasing Android 7 to you, and know that we have promised it in the past for September already. We are really sorry that we have not been able to release it yet, but we don’t have good news — It’s still taking a little bit longer.

After in depth testing, we discovered that some users are experiencing a bug with the latest build of Android 7 (release candidate), which we need to fix before releasing it to everyone. For very few affected users, recovery mode may not function properly. While this does not have any effects on the functionality of the device and won’t be noticed while using the phone, it means that the phone cannot perform further updates. We are working to fix this issue as soon as possible.

Since this is the first time an update to Android 7 is being done for this particular chipset (Snapdragon 801) that Fairphone 2 is using, working on it takes longer and estimating an exact timeline has proven difficult. We will still release Android 7 and are not far from it, but we want to make sure the experience is good for everyone. This is why we need to take the time to fix this critical issue.

We will update you as soon as possible with an expected date for the release. If you subscribe to our newsletter, you will always be up to date with all our developments: Newsletter Opt-in - Fairphone

Best, Monica


I don’t have an account for the bugtracker, so …

It is pointed out there … … after guiding the user to do a TWRP backup of the data partition, that

“The backup you just created contains all your information that is stored on the phone. You can use this backup to restore your data for instance if your Fairphone 2 is stolen and you replace it with a new one.”

Can you for safety’s sake confirm that TWRP’s exclusion of certain data from backups was taken into account and doesn’t apply in this case? …

What is EXCLUDED from a TWRP backup?” …

Also, TWRP does give a warning in a different colour when backing up the data partition …


Thanks for pointing this out. This is a very important observation which we were not properly aware of. @Volker has also notified us of this shortcoming and added a warning to the backup guide.

Do you know of a way to include all relevant data in a backup?


In 1 backup? No. I would like to have something like that, too :slight_smile: .

When I initially set up my phone and tried TWRP for a backup, I just saw TWRP’s warning when backing up the data partition, and I just set up an additional way to backup Internal Storage to my PC then.
Having a 2-part backup this way worked for restoring the phone reliably, so I didn’t dig any deeper there.
It was some time later that I came across the TWRP FAQ where this was explained in more detail.

I just now had a look at the folder structure on the phone, and /data/media seems to be the same as what the phone shows as Internal Storage via USB in MTP mode. So as is now suggested in the guide, just copying all of this to somewhere safe in whatever way should do, together with the TWRP backup.

TWRP activates MTP when the phone has a USB connection to a PC, and Internal Storage is shown then via USB, so Internal Storage could be copied while being in TWRP, I guess, but I never tried it this way myself.

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There’s an app for that:


So …

TWRP is open source software. So you’re free to add a backup option for the internal storage and push your request to our gerrit for reviewing.

… and somebody patches TWRP install images or the installed recovery instead?

Thanks, but … No :wink: .

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I am just very happy and impressed that you do aim for this update! Understand that it is hard work. Do it right. Better safe than sorry. Keep up the good work! :grinning:


Hi @Monica.Ciovica,

Unfortunately my previous messages were removed, so I try again.

How do you (as a company) think to deal with the fact that nowadays we have android 9, and you are still developing android 7?

How do you (as a company) intend to deal with the fact that the phone is now 2.5 years old and a FP3 is not coming anytime soon (so at least 2 years)?

We do not know much from the company about these issues, could you maybe elaborate a bit what is the roadmap for the next year or so?

When talking about the roadmap: For how long is Fairphone planning to support the FP2 still. In my opinion this is a much more relevant question than “when does the next device come”. Not that I have doubts currently but for people who consider buying a new FP2 now this question is probably very relevant.

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Hi @demetrio where your previous messages in this thread? Not sure why they would be removed.

As for your questions:
1. The software versions are built on each other, so there is no possibility to upgrade directly to a higher version by skipping one.
2. Longevity has always been one of our targets, so we aim to make improvements to Fairphone 2 - like the software update, and have spare parts secured so people can use their device for longer.
3. What ‘issues’ are you referring to? For now, our focus is on bringing the update to the phone. As for a new model, that is in conceptual phase, so there is not much information we can share on it.


Very happy to know Android 7 is on its way! Take your time - this phone is meant to last and stability is important in this aspect.
Looking forward to a notification when it becomes available!:slight_smile:


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How should I convince someone of a phone with outdated software and hardware?


I hope we’ll get Android 7 before december 31 2018?

This bug has just been confirmed, which sounds like a show-stopper to me. They likely have to tweak migration scripts further before they can consider a release.

The bug where this thread is started with is also still open. I am not particular waiting for 7 however there are no security update anymore since a very long time now unfornately.