Android 7 Nougat / 8 Oreo / 9 Pie: Home screens / Launchers

  • Lineage OS 14.1 + microG mod + privileged F-Droid
    • Settings → Status bar → Clock position: Centre
    • Settings → Status bar → Battery status style: Text
  • KISS launcher
    • KISS filosophy
    • Shown list is launch history, read it ↑ from bottom to top
    • KISS Settings → User interface → Theme interface → Dark semi-transparent theme
  • Wallpaper features Rain (2010) by Nazar Bilyk in Ucraine.
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LineageOS 15.1 for microG
Stock clock widget including calendar
Launcher: Nova Launcher

  • Very customizable
  • Includes notification ‘dots’ AnotherElk mentioned
  • Has apps in the app list separated alphabetically, which I like very much

Icon set: Whicons
Wallpaper: detail of Dutch traditional clothes, ‘Staphorster stipwerk’


Can we bring notification dots to KISS? :smiley:

EDIT: Oops, I said Sesame; I meant TeslaUnread.

TestlaUnread can show notification badges in Nova Launcher. Shows number of notifications or informative icons in e.g. WhatsApp. Both work in Oreo but paid apps. Haven’t compared it with the one previously mentioned though.

EDIT: Oh thank you for mentioning Whicons. I’ve been searching for such a thing for ages, and only found incomplete versions of such icon themes.

Sure, although I will disable it. I don’t need more attention-stealing features.


This looks beautiful :slight_smile: FIRE!!

Since Android 4(?) i fell in love with the Smart-Launcher. Even paid for the pro-version.

Best thing: Simple. One drawer with categories (where apps get sorted automatically based on their tags; manual movement is easily possible) for all apps, Unified search (apps, contact, messages, web, …), some “widget-only”-pages.

Drawer (swipe left):


Widgets (swipe right):

(the reddish ones are due to Red Moon being active)

Widgets are pretty minimal (Öffi for public transport, Authy for 2-factor-auth, WarnWetter for Weather - things you need occasionally but don’t want to search for for ages :wink: )

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Note that this is done in a remote server. The launcher gets your list of apps and then it sends it to a computer you don’t necessarily trust. I won’t recommend it for privacy concerns (it can’t be disabled, unless you take out the internet permission from the launcher… which is a good practice, anyway).

At least that was how it worked while I used it years ago for a long time. I don’t think anything has changed.

1.4 Each time you attempt to interact with Smart Launcher, such as when you request automatic sorting for an app or the list of available themes, you will send and receive data for which your Network will charge at your usual data rates.

You are indeed correct… :frowning:

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My lockscreen and homescreen:

  • lineage OS with standard trebuchet launcher
  • “If you can’t open it, you don’t own it.” lockscreen message
  • battery live background “image” indicating the battery level in fairphone blue
  • simple notes widget for quick note taking directly on the homescreen with example shopping list
  • f-droid icon provided by frost
  • most icons in the statusbar hidden via lineage OS settings. what you can see is: battery charge limit, clock, root, vpn (orbot) & battery level.
  • long press on the home button takes me to the kiss launcher to quickly search for contacts, apps, websites, fairphone forum topics & tags
  • only bonafide FLOSS apps from F-Droid with Guardian Project repo enabled (only 3 of which have anti-features) + 2 apps directly from their projects’ websites: BOINC, MusicBrainz

I’m copying this right now, what a wonderful idea!

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I’ll reopen this topic because LineageOS on the Fairphone 2 is based on Android 9 Pie now, and there’s always room for more launcher recommendations :slight_smile:

  • LineageOS 16.0 for microG
  • Settings - System - Status bar - Battery status style - Icon portrait
  • Settings - System - Status bar - Battery percentage - Next to the icon
  • Settings - System - Status bar - Network traffic monitor
  • stock clock Widget
  • Yorecast weather Widget (I scrambled the location, it’s not a feature of the Widget)
  • Launcher: Trebuchet (stock launcher of LineageOS, I finally made my peace with it to further simplify my installation, here’s a port for any device with Android >= 5)
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Home page

2nd Page

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FP2, FPOpen 19.11.2. Lightning Launcher with KWGT widgets.

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I moved your post here to shamelessly add to the popularity of an existing one :wink: .

For more please have a look at the topics for older OS versions linked to in the first post.


A bit mysterious how I didn’t find this thread when searching for ‘home screen’ and ‘launcher’ but here we are!

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