🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Android 7 beta tester experiences so far? Erfahrungen bisher?

:de: Wie sind die Erfahrungen der beta Tester mit Android 7 auf FP2 bisher? Ist die Akkulaufzeit wirklich merkbar länger?

:uk: Beta testing customers, how is your experiance with Android 7 on FP2 so far? Does the battery really last noticeably longer?

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:de: Ja, die Akkulaufzeit ist merkbar länger.

:australia: Yes, indeed. The battery really last noticeably longer.


For me, power consumption has improved in standby. So if you don’t use the phone a lot, you will get longer battery life in Android 7.
But when actually using it, the power consumption seems to have increased. This certainly depends on what apps you use, but since upgrading to the 7 beta my phone gets hotter and the battery is drained quicker when using Chrome, Google Maps etc.
There is also a confirmed issue causing extremely high power consumption when playing videos, but I hope this will be fixed before a public release.


I have skipped Marshmallow so far, mainly because of the WiFi bug.
But Nougat I probably will install.
Anyway, although beta-testers are needed but still cannon reveal all bugs, it will pretty sure need another hot-fix like Android 7.xx to tackle critical bugs which were revealed shortly after the official launch by the mass. The first release as I could experience on my past computer related issues usually had some remaining bugs which sometimes could not be pushed into the next regular update.
On Lollipop I accepted every update mostly right after being available, but with Nougat I might first read here how it´s performing. I am without any phone troubles and would like to keep it that way if possible.
I am not doing anything critical with my phone and it is hardly personalized.

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