Android 6 upgrade user experience, and some questions

The upgrade:

first time running the updater

I pressed the update the phone was frozen, had to press the power button long to reboot.

second time running the updater

it rebooted into a black screen with super small boot entries

third time running the updater

it finally worked, but the phone became so hot …


This was not the best user experience,

Android 6

first usage: Is this still my Fairphone2 ?

Missing features:

the most important for me
pressing the volume button gave me an option to silent to phone for some time, one hour, 2 …
now there is the do not disturb function, but to go there I have to unlock the phone, swipe down, press the button …

Home screen, the Fairphone setting was good, how can I have this back.
Now I have the homescreen on the left, each screen on the right, but what if I want 3 screens and the middle one should be the home screen, impossible?

The additional button hardware still without function if the phone is not unlocked.



I have Android 6 what is somehow good, to get software updated for the phone.


The update procedure made me full of fear, after the first and second failure I was close to not do it

The changed menu widget functionality, … I do not want this, if I have a feature like ‘silent for 1h’ what I need 2 or 3 times a day, and this is gone, it is a very negative user experience.


I am not unhappy, but would prefer a nicer weekend experience with my phone.
and I wonder if there is any chance to get some of the functions back, and if the additional hardware button ever gets a useful functionality

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