Android 6 upgrade strategies

Great Android 6 is coming to the FP2.
First of all thanks to the team for making this happen! :slight_smile:

I would like to take the big update as an opportunity to wipe my phone clean to get rid of all the junk I’ve been gathering over the last 14 months. The phone has started to become slower recently.

Anyone’s got some advice how to do this best:

  • First install the update, then perform a factory reset?
  • First do the reset, then install the update?
  • Somehow wipe the phone and install the full Android 6 from scratch (instead of an upgrade installation)? Is that possible? How?



I would suggest the third option:

That’s the easiest way and it’s very thorough.

I would not recommend that.

You could do that, but it would be more complicated than the first option and the result would be no different.


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It seems that it is NOT mandatory to do a factory reset to update 5.1->6 (which would be clear the user data partition) - it is discussed here and was not mentioned in the 3 strategies here above.

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