Android 6 update on a rooted, encrypted phone

Hello! Hope everyone had a great launch event (whish I could’ve been there).

Has anyone tested the update on an encrypted and/or rooted phone yet?

Cheers, Niels

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I have sucessfully updated my not rooted but encrypted phone via the Updater App to the beta version a few days ago. Everything went smooth for me.
Greetings, Alex


Updating with a rooted phone is not a problem. You’ll just have to do it manually if you did any modifications (rooted FP OS, flashed XPosed/OpenGAPPS/…).

I also upgraded it with a rooted device:
Download zip
Install with TWRP the ota and xposed (sdk23!)
Install new boot

Worked without problems for me.

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Thanks for the replies!

I won’t be needing root after the upgrade, since I only use it to restrict app permissions.

I got my hands on an Android 6 phone one time and checked out restricting app permissions. I can’t compare it to what Xprivacy may offer because I haven’t checked that out yet, but if you consider the myriad of individual permissions and sub-permissions available, it seemed rather basic to me (maybe you can only give and restrict groups of permissions?). If you really care about this aspect, search for more info online.

I already did all the research. The Android 6 permission system is fine for
me. Not using XPosed anyway, since it was rather unstable when I tried it.

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Hi Niels

I’ve done the update on an encrypted and rooted phone, thinking it was fully official, without any problem.
Done again the rooting after: all good.
It seems the FP2 is running a bit faster with Android 6.


Uuuh! Thanks for all the input. Can’t wait for the update to drop :slight_smile:

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Here you go: