Android 6, how to transfer app on external SD card?

Hello Everyone. I used to keep my few largest apps (games mainly) on the external SD cards through setting/apps/transfer to external sd card"s. Now this tab doesn’t exist anymore with Android. So how can I transfer my app now ?

I first assume that, when prompted for “Set up your ScanDisk SD card”, between:
• Use as portable storage (for moving photos and other media between devices)
• Use as internal Storage (for storing anything on this device…)
I have to choose the second option but then, what after ?

Note that I mainly use my SD card to store a lot of music (using synctunes pro) and that this (at least) still work.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Settings / Apps / [select app] / Storage / Change

This only works for apps which allow to be moved to the SD card, but I think it was the same in Lollipop.

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It worked ! Thanks a lot !

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