Android 6.0: Recent/Most Used Widget, Contacts

Hey Fairphone Users,

I just installed Android 6.0 and it worked fine. Now I read in the forum that the Contact widget and the Recent/Most Used widget won’t be there anymore? I really liked those :’-(
Also, will the menu be sorted into “Idle apps” and “used apps”? The old menu was really handy, maybe because it filled the screen? (Ok, I sound really weird worrying so much about software design :-D)

Just asking if you know more about future plans :smile:
thanks! :smile: <3

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I came here because I was also looking for the recently used apps widget (the one that takes up a full screen)
I would be very interested in a way to get that back :frowning:

Bringing that widget back (along with other discontinued FP specific features) will have to be a community effort: