Android 6.0 phone call issues

I notied two errors on my (otherwise great) Fairphone 2 after the update to Android 6.0 one week ago.

  1. I usually keep my phone silent with only vibrate notification (no sound, only vibrations). After the update on Android 6.0 I noticed that after a phone call the notification is not on vibration mode anymore but set on low volume. So, I need to turn the phone on again and set the volume manually to vibration mode (with the volume button).

  2. And that’s when I noticed the other strange behavior. Immediately, with pressing the call button on the phone, my screen turns off. I can’t even check the number again. After the phone call is completed (or when nobody picks up), the screen does not turn on again. i use the power button to hang up, but need to click the power button two more times to return to the lock screen and enter my password.

Does anybody have the same issues and was able to fix it already?
Thank for your help, much appreciated.

Cheers, Alex

Regarding 2):
Have a look here:

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Edit: Finally it worked out. Again, I removed the display for proper cleaning - and tada, proximity sensor works fine again. Thank you.

Old post:
Hi Volker, thank you for the hint - unfortunately that did not solve the issues I have. Screen gets black as soon as I dial the number. I cleaned the screen 3 times, I did recalibrate 10 times without solution.

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