Android 6.0 Marshmallow / 7 Nougat for FP2?

I do think that getting Android 6 is important. Of all the operating systems you mentioned it is still the one with the most apps.
I know that Jolla makes it possible to use Android apps on their operating system, but not all apps seem to work.

I also dont want to buy my apps for another operating system again like I have to do now with the switch from iOS to Android.

I hope that we will see a release of Android 6 in the near future. Since Android 6 is going to officially support fingerprint readers, this would also be a good starting point for a backcover with an integrated fingerprint reader ;-).

I’m afraid that’s an incorrect assumption. There’s quite a lot of people who bought a FairPhone that aren’t tech savvy at all. The brand recognition of Android and relatively close-to-home knowledge (other people who are familiar with the OS) will help less tech-savvy people get along with their phone. These people haven’t ever heard of Jolla/Sailfish or Firefox OS and they wouldn’t ever consider swapping out their existing OS.

Your reasoning is typical for a tech-savvy person, but through the years I’ve learned that you should never overestimate the tech-savvyness of the average person.


Yesterday, at work, I spend 20 minutes trying to explain the difference between ‘sign up’ and ‘sign in’.


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Fair point. However, you used it as argument to state that “the official Android 6.0 will not be as essential”. I think the group of people willing or wanting to switch to Jolla, Firefox or Ubuntu is too small to have a significant impact on the demand for an Android 6.0 update.


I completely agree with you, and I even said in the same post that I would not buy for myself a phone that didn’t have Android at least as an optional choice of OS. However, one of the aims of the Fairphone experiment is at making a phone as open and fair as is possibly doable. As long as Android is the only option,this remains unachievable…

Yep, that’s certainly true.

I am not quite sure i can agree with that. But i wish for a well working Jolla (and maybe Ubuntu or whatever) on the Fairphone. I think that is as important for the Jolla community as it is for Fairphone.

Got up this morning and found my Nexus 7 was running Android 6. And frankly, without going to a review of Android 6 vs 5 and then checking out the changes, it’s virtually impossible to tell the difference. The clock has a different font (wowee!!) and you can launch Google Now from the start up screen … though you then have to log in to do anything with whatever Google Now dredges up from the net.

The only really good thing (I think) is that you can apply permissions to apps after they’re installed; so the useful but pesky app that demands access to all your photos, contacts and music can have that access denied after you’ve installed it. Price of apps now set to rise!

anyway no biggie - I think there will be more difference between stock 5.1 and FP2 5.1 than there is between 5.1 & 6!


Thanks for sharing your experience and for this realistic valuation!

kwamcorp also announced a self made feature like this for the OS the FP2 will be shipped with (not beeing 6.0!) and they appreciated this development from Android!

And for all concerned about security: FP tries the best to supply FP1 & FP2 with most important security fixes, independently on which Android-version it is settled.


Sounds great. Were did you find this information?

Following this link in this thread!

But maybe I got it a little bit wrong while reading it the first time…now it sounds a little bit different.
Sorry for making maybe a false message. Now I find:

Our responsibility to our users is to make sure we empower them with the
ability to quickly understand the impact over their privacy, by the
various apps they use. As we were preparing this line of work, Google
announced that in M (their next version of Android) they were doing
something similar. Applause.
Cheers, Robert

OK. Thanks. But the idea was good. :smile:

Now - about three month later - there are a few articles (see here: FP2 - Rewies/Previews of the phone) that tell about work on an update for Android 6.0.

Sadly that we only hear this from unofficial sources, instead of FP itself. Although it is obiously not yet official for announcing it at a blog (or micro-blog @Douwe) , I wonder why FP tells it to the press but not to their supporters here…
Most likely: there are more important things (FP2…), which keeps FP busy and don’t let time to announce ANYTHING at all at the moment…

Can’t agree more it’s getting boring… MORE INFORMATION please…

I would assume that this is actually their busiest time! Their phone already started with production, there’s still a million issues to fix before real mass production starts, there’s lots of last minute fixes to be done with the software, as they announced they’re also working on documentation for custom OS and then there’s far too many press appointments. And meeting with the press and talking with them is both, time consuming but also very important, because Fairphone also runs on money just like any other company. And if they do their job right they create more demand and maybe some big companies like T-Mobile, KPN, Vodafone or 3 might get interested and help Fairphone to level up :wink:

I’m just sitting here, becoming impatient, waiting for my new phone, but at the same time still confident that they’re doing a great job! I didn’t support them and paid for a new phone aaaaages ago, only to lose faith in the very last days and couple of weeks! :grin:


Hey you all!

We have a wealth of information to share with you this week! We agree it was so quiet, too quiet as we where waiting for SAR results, iFixit results, the Gold video, SailfishOS news, FirefoxOS news, Delivery news, battery replacements, screen replacements, microblog (I hear you @therob!) developments and of course at the same time staying on track to deliver the FP2 to all you!

But, these week we’ll start sharing the stories of many of these adventures and how the are going. Starting today with a Fairphone 2 production update.

And, yes, I am meeting later today with the software team and will squeeze every single bit of information I can get of them. But it could be that the information is; Android 6.0 will still take a while… so don’t set your hope to high.

Hang tight!


News about having more news is awesome news (but still, I’d rather have the news themselves ;)) I’m looking forward to whatever you will publish later this week.


The unofficial reply I just got from the developers is that FP2 will 99% sure support Android 6.

The Fairphone 2 will be shipped with Android 5.1. Starting next year our chip supplier Qualcomm will prepare android 6 for the chip currently used in Fairphone 2. After that we can start working to make it ready for the the Fairphone 2.

Pressed to give a date, our developer said that in an optimistic scenario Android 6 will be ready for the Fairphone 2 in the summer of 2016.

I hope this answers your questions regarding Marshmallow.
Any new updates will come after Qualcomm have prepared Android 6 for their chip beginning next year.