Android 6.0 is now available (Fairphone OS 17.04.8)

Hi all -

We are happy to announce that Android 6.0 Marshmallow (Fairphone OS 17.04.8) is now officially available for the Fairphone 2.

To upgrade to Android 6.0, simply open the Updater app on your device and start the download. We recommend to use the latest version of the Fairphone Updater app to ensure a fluent install procedure.

Read more about Android 6.0 in our blog.

Join the official Fairphone 2 Bugtracker - here you can report bugs, see what is already reported and check their current status. Our dev team will update the bugtracker on a regular basis.

We hope you’ll enjoy this upgrade as much as we do. Happy installing!


Product team


This is a #wiki post. Please feel free to complete the following lists:

#Important info:

  • Although the updater app now prevents you from upgrading/upgrading if anything would otherwise cause boot loops after the upgrade you’ll :exclamation: still end up in a boot loop :exclamation: if you disable the Google App without setting the Assist App to none and then reboot your device!
  • So - after upgrading to Android 6 - go to Settings / Apps / :gear: / Default Apps / Assist & voice input / Assist app and set that to None if you want to disable the Google App. Even if it already says None, open the menu and explicitly select it!

#Summary of things you should consider before upgrading to Android 6:

Features that will be gone:

  • Edge Swipe - the side menu with your four favorite apps. These four apps migrate to the ‘hotseat’ area on the homescreen (bottom part of the screen)
  • Apps Lifecycle: the separation between Active apps and Idle apps in All Apps overview. In Android 6.0 the All Apps overview will show your most used apps first, aided by a search button to search for your favourite app
  • The lock screen Clock widget wasn’t working as we intended so we took it out. This feature showed you “Your Fairphone since…/ Your piece of mind lasted…/ Battery lasts until…”
  • Privacy Impact - the Privacy Impact feature is not needed anymore. Android 6.0 now enables you to grant permissions when you use an app
  • The Reboot option and Airplane mode in the power off menu
  • Contacts widget The old (AOSP) Android Messaging app for SMS texts (this has been upgraded to the Android Messages app)
  • Amaze File Manager app. A file management structure is now built into Android. In Settings → Storage & USB → Explore. You can still download the Amaze app, or any other file manager from the Google Play Store if you need it
  • Peace-of-Mind-Widget

Other things to consider:

  • Save your contactlist! It will be deleted, if you didn’t synchronize it before.

#The official #bugtracker

can be found here:

Is it possible the update is not yet available on the FP website (
Edit: now it works, thanks!


So you can now start on MM Open OS? :innocent:


Probably already started. 17.04.8 is already there since last week for the early adopters of Android 6, it only now it got publicly released.

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Is there any source for the Updater-apk directly from Fairphone? I know about Raccoon, etc., can’t get access right now. I’ve got FP Open.

Just curiosity: Why does Fairphone a step inbetween with Android 6.0 and not Android 7.0 or even soon Android 8.0? Do not understand this wrong, I am very happy that Fairphone fulfills their promise to keep the phones running, also in sense of software :slight_smile:

If you have Open OS you probably have to switch to FP OS Lollipop anyway before being able to upgrade - unless you wait for the Open OS Marshmallow Upgrade.

The upgrade will fail if you don’t have the official Google App and if your device is “modified” - and Open OS is full of modifications (root, TWRP, no GAPPS).

Just did the Update and so far all is well.
Good Work!


Not working for me, downloading great, but failure when reboot :frowning: (I have the latest version of the app)

Where did the “peace of mind” thing go ?


Happened to me also on the first try. I downloaded it again and reinstalled it again. Then it worked


I’ve tried 4 o 5 times in the last 2 hours, and after the downloading and the reboot, the installation fails saying “unexpected contents”. I’ve cleaned the cache partition, and the Updater app data and cache data, but every time I try it ends the same. Anyone else out there seeing the same issue?

Failing for me on a rooted phone, I get an error when verifying the sideload. Says that I has unexpected contents. Problem is release-keys. Anyone else?

What does the error message say?

See here.

Did you do any modifications to the system before upgrading?

You can’t do this upgrade with a rooted phone.

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The updater crashed without any explanations several times, but i found that the problem was that i did not have enough space. After removing some files it works.


Thanks Paul, yes, I rooted the phone a couple of moths ago but then (in theory) unrooted it. It seems that I did not do it correctly, if anyone has a hint to do it right please share. Thanks!

hi, new FP2 arrived today but no android 6 update visible in updater app yet - OS 1.13.0 given as up to date. WiFi connection all good.

The easiest way is probably to reinstall your current OS before upgrading. Go to the advanced mode in the Updater App, there you’ll find that option.

You’ll have to update the updater app through the play store.

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ah, got it. thought I had already got all my apps up to date. Obviously not, cheers!

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