Android 6.0 - Camera won't work

Hello guys,
with getting the upgrade to 6.0, my camera stopped working. I already had that problem a couple of months ago, after contacting the support i sent my phone in and it got repaired. The sheet said, that they fixed it by replacing the motherboard - so it was a hardware problem. Now, with the upgrade to 6.0, the camera doesn’t work again, i always get an error message saying that the connection to the camera isn’t possible. I also can’t connect to the camera with other apps like FB messenger, whatsapp or telegram. But now it sounds more like a software problem to me, as the error appeared after the upgrade?

Does anyone have an idea how to fix this? Or should I contact support?

Maybe it is just a very unfortunate coincidence and has nothing to do with the update at all? I will defenitely try to clean the camera contacts.

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