Android 13 on the FP3

I was a bit surprised this morning when I found articles like androidAuthority (EN) or Frandroid (FR) talking about the deployment of a beta Android 13 for the FP3 whereas there was no announcement made by Fairphone.

Is it a lack of communication or is it a mistake made by this websites ? I imagine somebody like @anon9989719 should have the answer since he participates to the beta program of the FP3.


Amoun already spread this several times here, however no nothing official so far (at least in the forum). So business as usual from FP reg communications…
Another article in DE

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Thanks for answering and providing another link in German.

A sentence like “Furthermore, the company says all users should receive the stable Android 13 release by the end of June.” from the Frandroid article will again generate some frustration since it seems crazy to imagine Frandroid wrote it without talking to anybody from Fairphone.

I found this Press Release from Fairphone

edit. I am not an expert but I used the tool carbon daiting the web and it seems that the press release was published only at noon. Maybe different press outlets were allowed to spread the information today and Fairphone published their own release only around noon. All just a bit of speculation to distract me from important stuff


There is something official now: