Android 13 on the Fairphone 3(+)

Thank you. I just applied.


FYI, the registration for the beta program is now closed. Thanks to everyone who has applied!


Will we be notified when the upgrade to Android 13 will be available ? Currently, I receive the notifications for Android 11 but the version 13 is not ready, I presume. What will occur in the future ? Will we have the choice to keep Android 11 or to skip to Android 13 ? Or will it be a voluntary action to obtain Android 13 ?

When its available it will be officially rolled out and you will get in over the update app on your phone. Android 11 will then no longer be maintained so keeping it might be no good idea on the long run


Beta version roll-out has started today, with all users
receiving the update by the end of June.

It’s 4 hours into July where I’m sitting, and I’m writing this on a FP3 with Android 11 with no available updates.

What gives? :wink:

They didn’t say June 2023.


You took my sass and ran with it and I applaud you

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have a little flexibility, it was an intention not a promise. maybe the first one will get the update over the week. to be 3-4 days late is not a lot in the grand scheme of things.
and as a said, better be late with a better product than on deadline with a buggy one

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If you were so much in the hurry to get Android 13 on your FP3, you should have applied to be a beta tester.

If I look at what happened when Fairphone released a new Android version to the FP4, I prefer they delay a bit Android 13 for FP3 than to get something with some nasty bugs.


have a little flexibility

@koumilak - don’t worry, I totally do, I’m just curious and excited! :sweat_smile:

If you were so much in the hurry to get Android 13 on your FP3, you should have applied to be a beta tester.

@Alain_Guillet - I got my FP3 yesterday, and found out about the Android 13 update today (and still tried to apply to be a beta tester, even though sign up is closed :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for sharing that link @yvmuell!

I worry that the tone isn’t coming across as I intended in my original message - to be clear: I LOVE that this is happening, and I am super grateful that it is, and don’t take it for granted at all, and I’m happy to wait as long as it takes :raised_hands:


it’s all right, I had my doubts about the tone of the message but then decided to answer ’seriously’. Glad you are as stoked as we are


Fairphone has announced today that this upgrade is starting to rollout today. Some will get it instantly, some a littler later. On the FP3 running Fairphone OS I have here, it’s not available yet.
I guess we’ll get an official post here as well.


Support people, brace yourself for impact :laughing:


If it’s anything like my Beta I’ll be happy

Now available in UK on EE yet > 17:56pm

I checked if I had a an update and…

it’s here!
see you on the other side :wink:

No release notes yet tho


Update worked just fine.



Hi just a note to say the full Release 6.A.018.0 dosen’t have the issue of the Wi-Fi calling text not showing on the home screen.

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Did the upgrade (France, MNVO SIM)
Everything went smoothly, so far so good.
Very happy. :blush:


Is there an option to move to the Google widget to the bottom of the home screen?
Otherwise the update was successful.