Android 13 on the Fairphone 3(+)

Same here! Just posted a workaround, that works for me. See this post.


Hi there,
I bought your product(FP3+) just over a year ago, because it aligned with my values(at this point you claimed a decade long support and recycling model).
I accepted that for the price-point this was an inferior phone spec-wise(but loved the inclusion of the jack port).
However, after your last update to A13(July 2023), this phone has become nearly unusable(on top of existing foibles vs mid-market competitors).
Seriously folks - I can’t even use half of the native android apps anymore since updating, did anyone actually bother playtesting this?
And is there any way to rollback?

Since your phone is totally unusable according to you, you could try a factory reset.

How unusable is the phone in safe mode ?

If the auto-rotate is activated, can you switch it off ?


As somebody who tested the beta Android 13, I cannot bear anymore all the complaints I receive from people complaining we did a bad job.
There are thousands of combinations of launchers and apps that can create a problem on a phone so accept beta testers cannot find out everything.

This community is more and more toxic.

(Sorry for the off topic - moderators can delete this post)


Briefly reading through How fingerprint scanners work — Optical, capacitive, and other variants and not knowing what sensor is built into FP3, it seems to me that this statement is a bit vague. Do you have an article or study showing the issues and do you know what type of sensor is built into FP3s?

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I should delete all of my data and settings because of a terrible update?

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Although I understand that someone might be upset, that something with the phone doesn‘t work as expected or before. It‘s completely unnecessary to sign up to a user forum with a nickname as above (Shitphone) and just post a rant without even the slightest will to ask for help, just complains.


As long as the Android 13 release for manually installing from scratch is still missing, a factory reset would at least be a valid step of troubleshooting, especially for trouble with Apps apart from the known fingerprint issue.

Pointing things out is totally ok, but please mind the FAQ of this forum while doing so.


Welcome to the community forum.

Bricked means that nothing can be done visibly. No OS, no recovery mode, no fastboot mode. Is this the case?

But since you posted here for the first time … how did you try to remedy the issues before?

Yeah right, going full eco gangster will show them.
Please consider offering it in the Market, donating it to fairphoneangels (who can always use the parts to help others) or using proper recycling channels.


Good news and update worked fine all in all!

Thank you Fairphone team for continuing to support older mobile phones and thus helping to reduce electronic waste in the long run :blush:


Hi there

There are articles and studies out there to be read by you in case your really think this topic is interesting. (Btw: It´s neither expensive nor complex at all and I promise you´ll be able to find information in english; as well as other languages)

And while you´re probably searching for them one very last hint: Stay away from sources that are “somehow/more or less commercially and or economically” dependent. I´m sure you´ll find better ones!
[Some pages like that got so much trackers and “tiny money making things” embedded doesn´t look to me like an independent source :wink: ]


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I try to be nice and kind and I’m still somewhat …, because I can’t access my bank accounts or approve credit card payments without a working finger print reader.

But at least I’m happy to report that the non working roaming after the Android 13 Upgrade can be fixed by resetting the APN setting to default and restarting the FP3.


Hello, is there a solution known to move the Google widget to the bottom in the meantime?
On my FP3+ the ringtones were not taken over cleanly and set to another one - but solved.
And the design is really horrible in parts. But we certainly have Google to thank for that :wink:

Thank you in advance!

The only way to move the Google widget is to change the launcher :confused:

I have found out here that my fingerprints login no longer works. Also my calendar and weather easy access has gone from my home page. the weather widgets I can find are terrible.

Anyone having similar problem and have any suggestions for me

Not sure I am a fan of the update but like anything people try to keep improving. I have fairfone 3+

Happy to manage without finger print sensor but can anyone help with the following:

Videos laggy when recording.

Google watch not receiving notifications.

I will do the usual restarts etc but do rely on my watch while at work (teaching)

I couldn’t agree more. Also, it is extremely unbelievable that someone would buy a fairphone, get disappointed, keep the phone nonetheless, then makes an account for this forum with the exclusive purpose of complaining and bashing the fairphone. Amen.

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I mean, for all we know he’s selling it as we speak.

Personally, I want to hear more about the non-fingerprint things of Android 13. Is the battery better, etc?

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i feel like the GPS signal is not very stable. it was not stellar to begin with but i think it really gave me trouble the last couple of days (i’ve been travelling)
Also when travelling (by train, in the countryside) the data connection was not too good (maybe resetting network helped, but I was back in the city)

Have this also - it seems that the touchscreen gets laggy. I use a pattern to unlock my device, and I now switched on the “show pattern” setting, and I can see that the touchscreen sometimes is too slow to track my finger. This state survives a reboot! Only removing the battery solves it, which let’s me assume that it is something in the hardware that get’s confused…