Android 12 has come to the FP4

Haven’t ever experienced this on my Pixel though. But let’s see.

And I have never experienced such with any of my Fairphones…

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With Lawnchair launcher screenshot button is there, rolling screenshots don’t seem to be possible. Apart from that, no issues so far.

I laugh-cried pretty hard when I noticed the downgrade in the UI. I really want to know what they were smoking when they changed the dropdown menu for the worse.



The default huuuuuuge clock text looks horrible.

I’m also missing the sound and alarm icons in the notification bar.

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thats true, i hope it get some other options to change it :pray:

Same problem here :frowning:

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IIRC it has been mentioned before, but I would very much appreciate a statement from the FP team regarding what we can expect from the next upgrade (and when).
I’m certain that the team follows this and other threads and therefore is aware of both minor and not so minor issues reported, so:
which issues can be solved, and if so when?
which issues do we have to just accept?
which issues are caused by 3rd party apps not (yet) aligned with Android12?
I do hope that the team can come up with an announcemebt during next week.

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I havent seen any reports about major issues so far? Overall, give them some time to breath and trust they do the needful, I think they already proved that they do as best as they can.


Since fairphone is so extremely slow, you are only now going through the Android 12 pain that most others went through a year ago. :wink:
Get used to it. It won’t change. We are already at A13 and A14 is just around the corner.
This will never be the same as with A11. You have to go through that now :slight_smile:
Thats life…

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Well, the BT audio bug could be seen as a major issue (thankfully the FP team seems to be working on this already).
There are also reports about network loss and roaming issues that must be extremely annoying and disappointing for those experiencing this.

I can live with issues that could be labeled “cosmetic” (lack of background settings options, the ugly lockscreen clock and so on), but if a behaviour more in ine with Android 11 could be reinstated, it would be a bonus.

I do accept that the team needs “time to breath” and that issues can’t be fixed as per yesterday. But expecting some kind of feedback here in the forum telling us about plans and also what cannot be done (at least not in the near future) is not expecting too much IMHO.


A problem with feedback is that people then ask questions about that and then there has to be more feedback. i.e. this is a response to you. Do you want to respond to this.

I am prepared to ‘play/work’ on this forum to support Fairphone in it’s business to promote fair-traded minerals and wage increases for the factory workers.

I don’t get paid, don’t want to get paid and have limited desire to be on the forum.

I can’t see Fairphone being more proactive to any degree that would silence the probably hundreds of complaints/wants etc. like the one you have about .

I’m glad I have my FP3 with Android 11 and am dreading an upgrade to A12, so I hope all you FP4ers get your ducks in a row before they start quacking and crapping on my front lawn.

Every new birth is a pain to the bearers, but it seems most survive the ordeal.

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Is there a way to change the lock screen? The clock in particular is beyond ugly in my opinion.

Have you tried an alternate launcher?

AFAIK the launcher has nothing to do with the lock screen.


The feedback could take the form of an announcement (as exhaustive as possible), e.g. in a thread in the “Products” subforum, and this thread could be locked.
And I beg to differ from your opinion that such a thread wouldn’t silence the complaints. I actually believe it would silence if not all so a significant number of them. I also believe, that many FP4 owners would patiently sit back an wait if they knew that the FP team was working on an upgrade that would solve at least some of the reported issues.


Thank you. Enough reasons to wait with the update. Do someone knows a way to disable the nagging update reminder popping up? I already disabled automatic system updates on restart.
I know now that there is an update available. I can decide myself when I like to apply it.

I probably have the same issue.

I noticed that phone calls do connect, whereas the media audio not only doesn’t sound, but also the audio medias (perhaps others too) do not perform properly, when connected to my bluetooth earbuds. Otherwise performs.

This happened exactly with the update, and if it can’t be fixed, can I somehow roll back the update? Because this makes my phone like 50% useless to me.

Agree with this, to an extent. I can also live with the cosmetic problems, but at least about half of what I use my phone for has become impossible with the update. I understand that this cannot be fixed right away, but then is there a way to roll back to Android 11? Because this is a disaster. It is like we’re recommended to install an update that was hardly tested (because these are obvious immediate problems), and now our phones are broken and hardly useful as smartphones anymore.

Maybe this is less of a disaster for somebody else, but I almost only use my phone connected to bluetooth audio and virtually all media/entertainment/call use is now gone. For me, this turns the phone into a text messaging machine, and I was able to do that with my phone back in 90’s and it didn’t cost me 600€+.

Edit: Thanks for the fixes, and sorry everybody, I let my feelings have the better of me. I don’t usually react this badly, I’m a long time Fairphone owner, user and supporter, but bluetooth audio just makes such a big part of my phone use that this is extremely frustrating and actually infuriating. I was pretty close to throw my phone to the wall already. Calming down now.

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