Android 12 has come to the FP4

That might be the problem – Does Fairphone send out updates directly? They didn’t sound like they do, so the best thing you can do at that point is to contactsupport, as somebody already suggested.

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Not the common updates.they are not sent to your IMEI unless you are a Beta tester for example.

All common updates are tested with as many carriers as possible and send to those IEMIs that are fixed to carriers.

So if there is a problem with how it works on a specific carrier it is held back for all IEMIs on that carrier.

You will see a note where a Swis carrier stopped the update as there was an issue with emergency numbers.

So the carriers have the final say in whether so push it to their customers.

Where A12 requires considerable work for a specific carrier, Fairphone have said they will incorporate a security update for A11 and push that to users of those carriers.

It has all been explained, above, but this topic is getting long, though this issue is discussed on almost every update.

Sure, though @BartMans issue was he did receive neither A12 nor security update. :man_shrugging:

Yes, each takes time. Fairphone didn’t say when the updated A11 would be ready.

Also each update has to be certified by Google so. Fairphone > Google > Faiphone > Carrier and then if that doesn’t work then do it all again.

And Fairphone are doing that with
FP4 A12
FP4 A11
FP3 A12
FP3 A11

So lots of work


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There has to be a change in behavior of the locked screen. On A11 it did not happen to me that I’d toss the phone out of my pocket with the emergency calling screen on. On A12, it happens to me almost daily.

Also, I’ve noticed that now the fingerprint sensor is doing read attempts and screen is touchable when the phone is locked and a notification pops up - i.e. the black screen with just the notification. If I remember correctly, on A11 I had to press the unlock button for the screen or fingerprint sensor to become interactive (yet still locked). I do not have the always-on fingerprint reader option turned on.

Has anyone observed similar behavior?

PS: it should be impossible to press the unlock button accidentally inside the pocket as I use the official case for the phone which makes the button sunken.

Another feedback from a user with a brand new FP4…

I got my FP4 yesterday with Android 11 preinstalled. After a minimal setup (no Google account, just WiFi access) I got offered the update to Android 12 (FP4.SP1Y.B.041) which I installed right away before doing anything else - so the phone was “vanilla” except the WiFi access.

After the update I continued setting up my existing Google account, installing required apps and moving some data from my old phone (e.g. Signal, music files etc.).

So far most things work fine - even my old Galaxy Gear S3 works perfect including “Navigation Pro” and the Camera remote control :slight_smile:. Even though I only have a short term experience so far, the overall impression of the device and Android 12 on it is very nice. I don’t regret that I got that phone - well done!

But I also noticed the same issues with FP4.SP1Y.B.041 which are already mentioned here:

  • Accent color which is too bright and also does not work well with white text or symbols, but it can also not be changed.
  • Lock screen clock can not be changed and uses the accent color for the time which is not ideal. It would be better if the clock would at least use the standard text color. Customization options what to display on the lock screen would even be better.
  • Screen sometimes stays active when connected to a charger and you unlock the phone. Sometimes it also just turns off and the configured screen saver does not start. It’s a bit confusing since the behaviour is not consistent. I also installed an app to display the current charge status as screen saver (“Dreaming Battery”), maybe this also counts.
  • In the default launcher the “Glance” widget behaves erraticly as mentined by others: most of the time there is only a search bar but sometimes it is constantly swapping back and forth to Glance. Also if Glance is visible it does not display weather info etc. - for me this is not a big deal as I use Nova launcher anyway.
  • Hotspot does not allow to use 5 GHz (I’m located in Germany and have T-Mobile).

So far this is all I noticed yet. Maybe other things will pop up in the next days, but overall these are not major problems for me but more annoyances which will hopefully be fixed with the next update. So far the FP4 still works way better than my old Xiaomi device with an “optimized” custom ROM.


Another minor issue: the status bar layout. On the left side the text is positioned too far left without any margin to the display border. This looks a bit odd and should also be fixed:

I also reported this to the support, so this hopefully will be fixed in a future update.


There’s a lot I don’t like about the Android12 UI changes, but the one I really would like to get sorted is the massive clock on the lock/open screen with the hour and minute digits on separate lines.

I can’t seem to find anything that works in the menus. Even setting analogue as the screen saver has no effect on the login screen.

Is there a way to get back to a simple one line clock?

Hi and welcome, and no currently its not possible.


That’s sad, but let me say, the old times are definitely over and don’t coming back.
You would have to get used to it.
Google is going the way of Material You.

If you could change the clock to one line, its still material you and the old style.

By the way, i love the new gui style :wink:

It always has been like this. The reason Android 12 has more padding on the right now is because it’s reserved for the camera/mic indicator. The FP4 has very dramatic rounded corners which make the UI a challenge. I really hope they won’t make these same rounded edges in the screen on the FP5, it cuts off too much of the screen for no reason. When you switch to landscape mode you’ll see even worse screen space issues.


But they could at least add some padding to the left, like all the custom ROMs have had for ages!

Can’t be that hard not to cut off the clock …


You have to charge you battery :wink:


I don’t know if that will solve everything. I think the FP4 design choice with those dramatic corners will always give you a bad UI. Adding padding means you have even less space at the top bar since the notch also chews off a big portion. I really, really hope the FP5 will be designed a bit more practical.

It does take away space, but at least it’s symmetrical, the clock almost touching the black border just looks awful :see_no_evil:

Charging already in progress :smirk:


On other cutom ROMs it does, and as @hirnsushi said, for ages :wink:

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It will solve one thing and create another issue in terms of space is what I mean. The right area is also cut off sometimes when too many icons are enabled, it drops the % symbol and battery percentage. That’s what I mean with that padding won’t solve everything, it will create other issues. The FP corners will always give a bad UI due to its impractical design.

Well - rounded corners are ok as long as they are taken into account for the UI. They would just need to move the elements bit more inwards so they are not nearly cut off by the corners. Or is a layout change not possible without loosing the official certification by Google?