Android 11 : Is there a faster OS?

Can the Android 11 operating system be upgraded to a faster system?

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Which system do you you think is faster? On which phone?


Operating systems generally get slower after upgrade. Maybe a downgrade would help?

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Which OS does that? Android updates always improved performance for me. As well as Linux updates on my laptop. Android 12 is more efficient, as well as 13. But that will be in about 2 years at this rate.


OK Over a week and you haven’t responded to @Incanus basic query, :slight_smile: ~ which phone do you want to ‘speed’ up.


  • are you using the deafult setup
  • have you tried safe mode to see if any of your apps are an issue
  • How about a factory reset which you will have to do to try out others and of course to compare.

As each owner uses their phone differently what may seem to be a faster OS to one may not be the same to another.

So in which respect do you find A11 slow. I have 2FP3s and have no problems.

I suggest you consider trying some with the basic setting in each case for a few days or a week.

I use the default OS with apps removed by adb, which may help.

✏ Operating Systems for Fairphones

You know it, Windows? :slight_smile:

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