Android 10 - yes or no

I dunno whether to install the android 10 upgrade on my new FP3 or not. :-/ How widespread are the issues?

Should I install android 10?
  • Yes - I had no problems at all
  • Nööö - Don’t touch it!

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Unfortunately even if my update went smoothly and no major bug is to notice - except perhaps a sound recording issue that a reboot solves - I would not advise for it yet as some devices are more or less hit with a long list of various and potentially huge bugs, to the point Fairphone’s CEO wrote a blog post about it.

To sum it up, to me, it’s like playing russian roulette…

BTW, the topic has already been discussed here and there.


Yeah, I get your point as I’ve trawled the forum posts. But it’s like Amazon product reviews, you get a negative impression because the dissatisfied are overrepresented. That’s why I did this poll to try and get some idea of the proportion of people who have problems.

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“Do you feel lucky punk…?”

80% happy. Mmmm… Not as good as I expected TBH, I was expecting more like 95%, but I guess people who are happy are generally not on this forum, so probably nothing like representative. Still don’t know. If that was a medical prediction I for sure wouldn’t be feeling too chipper.

No problems whatsoever. In fact I noticed no difference. I had no problem with the phone since I bought it a year ago, except for the bug with wired headphones, but I solved it by going bluetooth, one of the best decisions I ever made, I don’t miss the cable noise I tell you that!


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