Android 10 Security Updates

So in Android 10 there are two types of security updates. There are patches that are now delivered directly by google as part of the Android 10 operating system. Then there are less critical ones that are pushed via device manufacturers (as we’ve been used to in older version of Android).

The FP3 build of Android 10 comes with 5th July patch level, but with the May google play system update.

There is a July google play update available, but it is failing to install for me. Is anyone able to get this? I was able to get this yesterday after I updated, but then did a factory reset today and can’t get the thing to download and install today (it’s only 6.3kb in size)

To find this, go to Settings > About Phone > Android Version and then Google Play system update

I rebooted my phone and it’s now got the 1st July google play update security update installed which is right as that’s currently the newest - so probably was failing as was trying to install something it shouldn’t be repeating lol