"And then I saw they had a Fairphone..."

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No, the second one was Northengland


Correction - the Fairphone user in Leamington is involved with Community Energy Warwickshire, not LETS. There is a Phone Co-op account holder in the LETS circle but, in her own words, “I haven’t ventured into Fairphone territory yet.”


…and then I saw…
…that Primus van Quack had a Fairfon in LTB 449, page 48… :laughing:


I’m in a packed tram right now and there is at least one other Fairphoner in here. I wonder where they are all going… :wink:


I just met a Fairphoner in my GP’s waiting room. His FP2 was equipped with a (cracked) transparent slim case, so I told him he can get an opaque slim case for free. We didn’t have a long time to chat (an older lady complained I was too loud :blush: ), but he got to tell me of two other Fairphoners amongst friends & family. Of course, I had to tell him of our quarterly Stammtisch meetups in Aachen and our upcoming movie showing.

He was called upon before me, so I’m glad I was shameless enough to push my Fairphone card (just a Fairphone sticker with my name & email address handwritten on its back) on him in time. :smiley: