ANC profile switching is slow due the unskippable (and loud) voice notification

When turning on your XL, you don’t really know which profile is used (ANC/Ambient/Off). The app also doesn’t show this either. If you hear wind noise or distortion when touching the mics at the back of the headphone you of course will know as well. But not particularly if it’s ANC or Ambient.

When clicking on the ANC button you have to listen to the full announcement of the voice telling you which profile is used. If you then happen to find out you were already in the profile you wanted to be in, you have to click another 2 times and have to listen to the full profile announcement. This is cumbersome, especially since the XL doesn’t switch to Ambient mode when in a call and because ANC and Ambient mode are very wind sensitive.

A quality of life feature would be if FP would add/improve the following:

  • Make the announcement skip-able.
  • Add the profile announcement when turning on the XL, instead of the (loud) music.
  • Add an ANC profile section in the app.
  • Allow the remapping of buttons in the app. For example I don’t use the Assistant, so it would be nice to remap the double click on the ANC button to turn off ANC/Ambient. Then the single click on the ANC button simply cycles between ANC and Ambient mode. With of course the ability to skip the voice notification. This way the buttons allow easy control. Having one button to switch 3 profiles without knowing the current profile is cumbersome.

Also, when the volume is low, the ANC notification voice is louder than the set volume. Meaning that the voice has a static volume, while it should be the same as the currently set volume. This also raises the volume of the currently played music, which is not great when in focus. The ANC notification volume should be relatively low compared to the currently set volume. It should never increase volume.

I reported the issue and it was forwarded to the product team.


I recognize these complaints very well!

How is Fairphone handling these kind of requests? Do you get an usable answer from them? Any indication on if it will ever be implemented or do you just get a vague “thank you, we’ll think about it” back?

I’m fairly (pun intended) disappointed in the feature set of the Fairbuds-XL firmware. My hope is they are quick with new features but the activity on the forum doesn’t look too good. I really hope they will open-source it quickly so we can start improving it our self.

It’s indeed just a regular reply. But if enough people report these things they might implement the improvements.