Amsterdammers zoekt hulp /seeks your aid


Hi…Usha ( hooman ) and Athéna( see picture)from Amsterdam need some help with use of Fairphone…not so advanced and to lazy to read manuals. Still read books from library that kind of person and doggoWe are able to meet you anywhere around town… Tx so much in advance for contacting us 2. I grew up in A dam so Dutch is a- ok!


You should get in contact with our Amsterdam #fairphoneangels :angel: CC @JeroenH


Hi Stefan,

Dank je wel!! Thank you so much, i’ ll get in touch with him.

Kind regards,

A. and U.


Hoi Usha en Athena,

Waar hebben jullie hulp bij nodig? Kun je je problemen beschrijven?

Met vriendelijke groet,