Amsterdam/Leiden/The Hague - Anyone using Fairphone 1 and could assist me?

Hello :slight_smile: I own Fairphone 1 (second batch). Unfortunately, the USB connector broke and I will see what the support will answer me and how I can fix it best. I already went to a repair shop and they said it is difficult and quite costly. I also check the forum here. Anyway, is there someone who owns a Fairphone 1 and who could charge my battery, so I can have access to my photos etc. at least? I live in the Hague but I am in Amsterdam every day. Thanks so much if anyone could offer some help.

You could get in contact with @Friedrich from Leiden.

Hi Etienne,

If you would be willing to drop by the FP office, I could see if I can swap out a battery with you :wink:
(I’m still using a FP1 too :p)



Hi Marco,
Thanks for your quick reply. Yes, I am totally willing to pass by your office.
What are the opening times? I guess that I would pass by tomorrow or on Wednesday if that is possible. :slight_smile:

See ya,

An update : last fridayevening Etienne showed up at my doorstep for a batterychargingsession.
Since he has 2 batteries we decided I`ll keep them over the weekend to fully charge the both of them.

By now both batteries are at 100% and awaiting another visit by Etienne on mondayevening.
So far so good. :slight_smile:


Hi just to round off this topic. I went to the office and got a battery. Very easy-going. Thanks a lot! Really appreciated. Then Friedrich helped me out with charging the batteries. The issue is not entirely solved but I am getting there :slight_smile: Cheers, guys. - A happy Fairphone user :sunny:


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