American looking to buy any working Fairphone

Greetings, fair fellows,

I am an American currently living in Putnam Cou, New York. I’ve been infatuated with fairphone for 4 years now, and only just found the courage to come and buy one. Alas, being in the US prevents me from purchasing the recently stocked refurbished phones, or in fact any supply Fairphone creates in the near future :cry:

This is where you come in! I am willing to buy your old Fairphone at a generous rate should you be willing to ship it to me. Please reply if interested & we’ll PM details.



Hi, unfortunately I am not willing to sell my FP2.
Just take care, that the phone comes with a new battery.
That’s a tip, as it might be a problem to get a new battery in the US. Sending LiIon-batteries on their own is very restricted and nearly impossible for a private person and it seems, the shops selling FP-batteries are not shipping overseas (as far as I have seen).

Hi BertG,

That’s true about lithium batteries. It only sounds relevant for repairs, tho—am I right to say a complete FP would not need the same restrictions as a solo battery?

Hi James,
I think the easiest option would be to jump on Ebay and find a seller who is selling a second-hand or refurbished fairphone 2 internationally.

You are right, selling a phone with a battery installed, that’s no problem. Therefore my tip to get one with a new battery. Installed. that is, making a replacement someday soon less likely.

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