Ambient light sensor too sensible when locked: screen turns off when FP4 goes into shadow after light

Hi all,
I encounter an annoying behaviour (not really a bug, more a default setting issue): with the phone locked but the display on, the ambient light sensor sensibility turns off the screen when going from bright light to shadow.

Example to reproduce:

  1. Start navigation to somewhere in Google Maps*
  2. Lock screen (press the power button) and then show lock screen by pressing the power button
    → at this stage, the phone will be locked, but the screen will display the guiding in full screen. The ambiant sensor next to the camera will turn off the display when no light will be visible (exemple: phone flipped face down, or back into pocket). You can manually cover the sensor with the finger to test it. Now the issue:
  3. If the phone goes from bright light (example direct sunlight outside) to shadow (example on bike: a tree on the side of the road) the screen will briefly turn off → no guiding anymore.

The same behaviour can happen when receiving a call:

  1. The phone is locked, the screen is on with an incoming call
  2. I’m in bright light and can’t see the screen, so I move the phone in my shadow
  3. I want to pick up the call, the screen turns off because it’s in the shadow
  4. After blinking on and off two or three times, I’m finally able to tap the pick up the call with the green button, but the call is already missed…

Any solution to that, or adjustment in the sensibility, would be welcomed :slight_smile:

*yes I now, Google… still be most convenient day-to-day app for biking navigation in City. I’m open to any suggestion ^^

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