Am I legally allowed to fix my FP without breaking the warranty?

Hi all, I just got a FP4 and was toying with the idea of replacing a module if I shall need a replacement. According to FP, there are 5 years of warranty but there is an exclusion of warranty if there is:

4.2.14 Damage that is the result of Service performed by anyone who is not a Fairphone representative or an authorized Fairphone service provider;

What does this mean in practical terms? Does this mean that I am allowed to replace e.g. my battery or camera with an official FP part and DIY-repair it, but I am responsible if something goes wrong? And does my self-repair break the warranty?


Hi and welcome.

Ideally whilst you have a warranty then Fairphone would be the wsie option.

Sure as you say, you can repair the phone by swapping modules and that is within warranty, but if you loose a screw or damage the phone then of course the warranty will not cover any damage or loss you incur.

Do you have something specific in mind?

That’s how I would interpret it, yes. As long as you replace it following official guides, and you don’t create any damage (e.g breaking a connector), the waranty is valid.

No. But you are responsible for the damage you deal to your device (be it by letting it fall, water damage or damage due to a self repair because you didn’t follow the guide properly). This item in the warranty just mentions the fact you are responsible for the damage you deal to your device, even if you were trying to repair it. In other words, if while trying to repair your phone you deal damage to it, you can’t claim it’s not your fault because the phone is supposed to be repairable. It’s only repairable as long as you do it properly.

Except if the damage is your fault, e.g a broken camera lense due to a fall, which isn’t covered by the warranty (and it’s then cheaper to change the module yourself instead of sending it in).