Alternatives to FP2 + SailfishOS?

Hi All,

It feels a bit strange to post this here, but i hope you are able to help me.
I’ve had my FP2 since 2018 and i’ve liked it for most of the time. I’ve been running SailfishOS on it from day 1, i actually bought it for that purpose. I also like the ideas of fairphone.
It is in a really sad state right now. Despite the best efforts of @mal in troubleshooting this, it’s now incapable of running 24hours on a full battery when idle (no connections, no app use, nothing), and even basics like the camera and calendar sync stopped working. When i actually use it the battery is drain is even worse: Sending an SMS: 5% off the battery, make a 3 minute phone call: 8% off the battery. This makes in near useless and now i’m searching for alternatives. My only requirements are: SailfishOS (or the ability to install it myself) and Dual SIM (and a decent battery life would be nice :slight_smile: ).

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Change the battery ? :smiley:


There will be Fairphone 3 community port available after next Sailfish OS version is released and I’m happy enough with the quality of the port. Only two small issues left to fix before that. @pa4wdh I didn’t know or remember that you also had issues with camera, that sounds strange, wondering if there is some hardware issue in your device. Have you tried if battery life in Android is normal and if camera works there?


Thanks for your replies.

@oli.sax A defective battery was my first idea to, bought a new one and it didn’t make any difference. It also started after an update, so that’s an indicator there’s a high change of a software issue. I’ve also done a few fresh installs, and than the issue is gone for a few days.

@mal Thanks for the FP3 suggestion, i haven’t really looked at the FP3 so far, i’ll check that out. The camera issue is mainly the rear camera not giving an image in the app. I thought this was a known issue of one of the releases? Although it does make pictures, not seeing what you’re doing makes it quite useless.

I’ve checked the FP3 and it indeed looks like a nice option. Is there a difference in support for the FP3 and FP3+? I like the transparent back cover of the FP3 and actually don’t really care about the better cameras on the FP3+. Or is there some other difference between them that i’ve overlooked?

This support article currently links to the following detailed comparison PDF (note that the speaker is different, too, for instance) …

Thanks for sharing that link, it’s very useful. I don’t really care about most differences. I am worried by the difference in OS versions. If the FP3+ can be kept up-to-date for longer that might be a good reason to choose the FP3+.

There is only a difference in the initial software version when released, now they are running on the same version, and because they are basically identical, they will have the same livespan.

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