Alternative to preinstalled contacts?

alternative to preinstalled contacts ?
So I am not tech-minded but i do have this nagging feeling that Google is just every where, trying to insinuate itself into my life, So I have tried to limit it’s spreading tentacles throughout my phone. I’m not a privacy nut but it just irks me! So onward to my questions . . .

  1. The google logo flashes up as i open my contacts list, so i surmise they make it?
    Can i get rid of this?
    if no, can google see/use my contacts?
    if yes, i presume i need another piece of software to do it’s job, any suggestions.

  2. If they make the contacts is it safe to presume they make the other core components, what can I can’t I replace?

Difficult questions I know but you guys have been so wonderful so far I thought it worth a punt.

Thank you to all who have answered my irritating questions so far.

You’ll probably find this post interesting :slight_smile:

Be careful with the “uninstall” part. If you uninstall apps for which you didn’t install a replacement, some features may be missing on your phone.

Android is from Google, and the Fairphone comes with their standard apps. Google has a very detailed privacy policy and you have a lot of settings for finetuning.

You are of course free to use alternative apps. Just search for “Contacts” in the Play Store or install F-Droid for a FOSS only app store.

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