Alternative to FP1 battery - please!

Hi all,

My name is daniel, and I live in Brazil. I have a FP1 from the first batch, and 2 months ago the battery got bloated, and since then I have only around 15 minutes of battery in a random way, with the charge indicators totally crazy. And the metal cover doesn’t close anymore because of the battery.

I went to to order a new battery, and they say it’s out of stock (!!). Then I sent a message to support, twice, and had no answer at all! I have friends now in Europe that could receive the battery by post and bring it to us in Brazil. But since I have no response from FairPhone staff, I’m stuck in a really bad situation.

The question is: Is there an alternative to the official FP1 battery that I could use while the official one is out of stock? If so, what are the specs and possible brands?

Thank you, from a desperate FP user, who believed in the initiative before the first batch was ready.

Strange, it still shows up as available for me (here). A new batch arrived a couple of days ago, have you checked recently?


Great, thanks! Checking right now. I checked there 5 days ago and there was still no battery!