Alternative Modules?

Hello, I am thinking of buying a FP3. I don’t have a specific question about the phone but a general question about philosophy.

Looking at the design of the phones and at how modular they are, has anyone thought producing alternative components - a la PC components? Or is that against the philosophy of the fairphone? I’ve noticed a few comments on the performance of the FP3 and so would be wiling to send back the motheboard if another (higher spec) one became available.

Apologies if this has been done to death, I’m very new at looking at these phones.

And greetings from Scotland!

Someone did. For example: @Leo_TheCrafter designed an USB-C module for FP2 New Fairphone Bottom module with USB-C port for Fairphone 2.

But another motherboard with better specs is unlikely. Having another motherboard means ultimately having a different phone. You need another OS. And most of the environmental and social impact comes from the manufacturing of the core-module.


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