Alternative Apps(tores): Living without Google (FP1)

I have a slimmed down version of GApps, brought down to the most possible minimum.

App stores: GPlay (if I have GApps, why not have that), Aptoide (relatively secure and able to use root to install apps in the background), F-Droid, Amazon App Shop (not really using it)

Messengers: Telegram (open source software with more functions and way higher security than WhatsApp) and Threema (probably the most-secure-while-still-user-friendly messenger on the market, partly open source code, costs 2€)
I also use SMSSecure to be able to encrypt SMSes

Browser: Firefox… And Lightning, if something happens (both FOSS)

DAVDroid (FOSS) to sync calendars and contacts

Business Calendar 2 as calendar (proprietary), beautifully designed, allows you to manage both calendars and tasks and is able to access these from DAVDroid. Local calendars optional.

K-9 Mail + OpenKeychain (both FOSS) to manage my mails and be able to encrypt them.

Tinfoil for Facebook (FOSS) as a Facebook app replacement, eats more data but who cares.

Location services are being provided by Mozilla Location services and Nominatim using ugUnifiedNLP (FOSS).

Maps has been replaced by OSMand~, Camera by OpenCamera.

Although I use DB Navigator for my route enquiries, there’s an aspiring FOSS app called Liberario which can use the databases from various cities and countries.


Thank you for your list. Inspiring. :+1:
But talking about Aptoide, what do you mean with “relatively secure”? “Luckily not being infected there yet”? At least [][1] (I’m sorry, it is in german) says that it is rather easy to get a virus there. And some offers there are illegal, as on Aptoide you can find cracked apps for free that where meant to be paid for. So, a good place but a bit criminal. :wink:

I am looking for a food / nutrient / calories app that I can get outside the google playstore. Preferably in German, but English would also be ok. Any suggestions?
thanks! :smile:

something like this perhaps, but only via google:

(I hope this is the correct thread to ask for an app)

If you simply don’t want to use the play store you can download free(-of-charge) apps via the evozi apk downloader


I looked in f-droid but found nothing similar there. So I guess that would be a good idea. (oder nicht?). Don’t quite understand how it works though.

Simply copy the url of the app from the play store into the input field and tap on “generate download link”. It doesn’t always work though.

Guide for you:

  • Go to the page of the desired app in Google Play Store.
  • Copy the Url.
  • Goto
  • There, insert the Url from the Play Store and press “Generate Download Link”.
    Done so, you will be offered a download link or an QR code. The latter is useful if you have undertaken the described steps on your PC and helps you to get the desired app on your smartphone (if you have an QR code app), then.

Hope this helps,



that was a great tip, thank you!
I got there halfway yesterday with @paulakreuzer’s help but received weird virus-google-message. But no just doing this on the PC and then use the PR code to get it on the FP is super! :+1:


Oh yes, I should have mentioned it. :hushed: It’s one bad thing with Evozi’s apk downloader: once in a while, they show advertisement that pretends a virus attack on one’s device. It’s really, really a bad thing!! :rage: But I don’t think that it is dangerous, just threatening.


another question :wink:
how can I deinstall an app I installed this way?
just found out that the app I took only works if I have google play services (google play dienste), which obviously I don’t have and don’t want.

edit: do I simple delete the … in the file manager?

You can do an edge swipe, go to all apps hold it as if you’d want to place it on the home screen but release it on top of the screen where the “info” symbol is and there you can uninstall the app.

Alternatively you can get there by going to settings > apps > and find the app there.

Sometimes these kind of messages are not really true though and then you can disable them with the Xposed Module called “This App Will Run Without Google Play Services”.


@paulakreuzer thank you! (the app did not run without g p services, but it was not good anyway so I deleted it).

@ all
does anyone know / use the open source app RunnerUp by any chance?

(I am trying to work out if I can use it without activating GPS, which I have never used until today and when I tried it just now it did not connect).

Did you see this:

I updated my first post with my current app list. Happy browsing! :smiley:
If there are dead links, please let me know. If you find spelling mistakes, you can keep them! :wink:

The Dutch internet search engine (they also make provides their app for android also directly, i.e. without google play store use
(that’s the German link, but it should exist in most languages).
Ixquick is a very privacy-aware search engine, they don’t collect data like IP-address or search terms / history. And they also provide a proxy service for opening the search result pages anonymously.


Please add it to:




ok, will do that. (sorry, didn’t see your post before…)

Same question here: I want to start using sth like instagram for photos, but apparently I can only do so from my phone (not from computer), and then I would need the guglplaystore.
It does not have to be instagram, I just need some sort of app, where I can easily upload and manage photos.
And of course without gugl interference. :sunglasses:
Any suggestions?
Thank youse!

My first guess was Owncloud (F-Droid), but there are other apps, which let you upload photos to any server: Search for “Upload Photos” on F-Droid.

Thanks for the tipps. I think though that these apps are just for online storage and not showing of photos (like instagram does).