Alternative Apps(tores): Living without Google (FP1)

Do you know what kind of data Google gets, when one uses microG?

When you signin with Google in an app having Google device registration enabled on microG (disabled by default), Google gets your IP, the account you entered and the app you signed in to. The rest is randomized.
When you enable Google Cloud Messaging (disabled by default), then Google gets, with every push message, your IP, the service associated (app) and, depending on how push messaging is implemented in the app, then some other data than could serve to stablish relations.

AFAIK, no more information is shared with Gobble. If any, then it won’t be enabled by default surely. Every other service in microG is implemented with OS services (maps with OpenStreetMap, network location with the backend you choose).


I know some cyclists use Open Cycle Map (based on osm).

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Try bikecitizens. It’s on the Play Store, but it works well without any Google stuff here on my FP1.

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Aw man that looks exactly like what I need! Thanks mate! :wink:

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I installed Yalp recently and it seems to use its own fake account: it didn’t ask me for any credentials. Have they changed their approach or did I misunderstand?

Any arguments pro/against either Yalp or Raccoon (which I used up to now)? In other words, does anything speak against using Yalp rather than Raccoon (not depending on a computer does indeed make it a lot simpler…


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I also find Yalp a lot more comfortable than Racoon. I think that Yalp is okay to be used. You should be careful, however, if you use Yalp with your own Google account.

Read more in their FAQ:


Said so, I’ve using a specific, disposable account created only for that purpose for the now obsolete NoGapps (microG) BlankStore, for three (or four?!) years now and I didn’t have any problem.
Anyhow, I recommend using the default Yalp Store credentials now that it has them.

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Pretty nice list of alternative apps. I leave here some that I normally use a lot too:

  • NewPipe: Youyube player
  • AdAway: To block ads
  • AFWall: Firewall
  • Face Slim: Facebook client without tracking and ligther performance
  • Notable: To make notaions
  • OI Shopping List
  • QuickDic: Offline translator
  • Simpletask: Todo list
  • Transportr: Public transport times
  • Droidfish: Chess game
  • Coin flip: To flip a virtual coin

Can you explain me? There is any risk to do that?

Hi, one quick question: is it very useful to have a firewall on your phone? In what situations might it increase safety? And what impact does it have on performance and battery life?

Thank you in advance, have a good day :slight_smile:

Hi @Juulll I use AFWall as a Firewall. There you can explicitly say, which apps ans system apps are allowed into the internet, depending on the channel (WiFi, Mobile, Roaming). I only let apps into the open, from which I know the need internet access. Some Kids games ie don’t have access.


Thank you @Friek I will check it out! :slight_smile:

In theory it’s illegal (check Google’s ToS) to access the Play Store using non-Google apps. So (again, in theory) Google can close down your account if you do so. That said I’ve never heard of any actual such situation.

In recent Yalp versions a fake Google account is created by default.

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OK i understand. Thank you.

I’m so glad I read this! I’m new to the whole F-Droid thing, so I hope I can install all of this when I get my future Fairphone. I know I can Google search this but how do I even get started on getting rid of google and putting these apps? I am not familiar with technical terms oops (so embrassing )

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In the US, I think your best bet currently would be to research phones capable of running LineageOS, an Open Source Android variant free of Google’s Apps and services by default.

Many of us here run that on the Fairphone 2, too, even if Fairphone offer their own Google-free Android in the form of Fairphone Open OS. For more info and inspiration, there’s this topic …


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