Alternative Apps(tores): Living without Google (FP1)

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ok, will do that. (sorry, didn’t see your post before…)

Same question here: I want to start using sth like instagram for photos, but apparently I can only do so from my phone (not from computer), and then I would need the guglplaystore.
It does not have to be instagram, I just need some sort of app, where I can easily upload and manage photos.
And of course without gugl interference. :sunglasses:
Any suggestions?
Thank youse!

My first guess was Owncloud (F-Droid), but there are other apps, which let you upload photos to any server: Search for “Upload Photos” on F-Droid.

Thanks for the tipps. I think though that these apps are just for online storage and not showing of photos (like instagram does).

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Quite interesting read:

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For Evernote, there is Mirakel App in f-droid. It’s actually a task / TODO list app and can synchronize with Taskwarrior and CalDav, but should be quite nicely usable as note app as well.

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Hello, does someone know of an open app that can be used to view Geospatial PDFs/TIFFs? There is an open source “Geospatial Data Abstraction Library” but I’m not sure if someone ever used it to make an application for android. So far, I had no luck finding such software.

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I’ve only seen it recently as Linux program, but I’m not aware about anything similar for Android.

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Really, something for viewing PDFs with geospatial metadata? Which one? Let me know! I think Chrome’s rendering engine could be able to read some of the data. I wonder why other people never looked into this. All the libs for reading/writing the info are out there.

Obviously I was wrong: Reviewing Debians’ unstable distribution searching for geospatial I found rasterio, which most likely has just come recently into the repository and is a tool for investigating geospatial rasters. Nothing like pdf there or I am remembering wrong the description of the program and it cannot be found with ‘geospatial’ (which is unlikely). So, probably I have misseen.

No problem. So far only commercial applications (on Android and iOS) and Acrobat support this feature out of the box. Too bad, it’s a nice feature to bring some GIS/GPS joy to “normal” people.

Free QGIS brings a lot of joy :slight_smile:

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Yes, indeed! And being able to give people a (qgis’ed) exported PDF that is able to show them their current position on a map on their phones makes it even more easier :smile: But right now, there is not a single software I could recommend.

  • Former Liberario has just renamed itself to Transportr. The transition in F-Droid market went smoothly. The new app has got a nice, functional Material design.

I’m only here to report an issue with AdAway and FP1.
After I installed this app my FP1 couldn’t find the satellites, then I uninstalled it and FP1 has resumed to detect the satellites.