Already Sold - - Selling FP2 (good condition) for 100€ (DE)

I’m selling my Fairphone 2, which I bought at December 2016. Everything on the Phone is working fine. I only bought a half year ago a new battery. You get the old one, too. There are some points on the screen, with changing colour (see picture), but most of the time, I didn’t realize them. Or you change the display. The case (coral red) is a little bit broken on a corner, but very surprisingly very solid and also changable.
I’m selling the phone, because it isn’t very handy for me. I think, it isn’t a phone for a craftsman, who wants to take this phone everywhere.
You get the phone for 100€ + deliverycosts (DE or EU). I prefer paypal.
If any questions, write me.

I’m very interested. Do you know if your phone includes the new camera module or the old one?

Moin! Hi!
second :wink:

I am also interested if u.stock did not take it …


The Phone have the old camera. I didn’t change it by now, because for me the old camera is functionating very well. (:slight_smile:

Thanks for your fast reply. As this is not optimal for my needs, I would defer to @andredigital (what are two minutes, anyway…).
Cheers & enjoy the FP2

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The topic starter has changed the title to show that the phone has been sold.