All contact photos lost

Since a few days all my contact photos in all apps aren’t displayed any more. All the photos are still there in a subdirectory of storage/emulated/0/Pictures.

I am using the generic contacts app, moreover True Phone, Threema and Signal.

A few days ago I had problems with my sd-card that the system recognized as “broken”. A community-member recommended to shut down, wait a minute, boot and wait a minute before entering the pin- and that worked!
I also installed “shelter” from F-Droid. But that is the only system-change that I can remember now.
And yes, I am using MPE but that also doesn’t show my contact-photos any more. I did a sync a few days ago…
But I don’t see any relation to my photo-problem yet.

Does anybody know how I can restore the mapping of my photos with my contacts?

Tbh I think if you still have the pictures it’s probably faster to just set them manually for each contact instead of looking for an automated solution for several hours…

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