Alerts before my alarm about the alarm

Hi, my phone will sometimes beep to let me know that I have an alarm set for some time in the future, so it wakes me up at 5.20am to tell me my alarm’s set for 7am! How can I stop this, please?!

Perhaps you could change the setting of the alarm in Sound & notifictions, notifications.
Because I don’t want you to oversleep, please try this out first before going to sleep.

Haha, that’s been my worry! I tried turning off notifications but then when the alarm goes off (at it’s right time) I don’t get the snooze/dismiss options either.

Which alarm app do you use? I’ve fortunately never had any pre-alarms with the default clock app…

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I just use the one that was on the phone. I’ve added a quiet time and jeep my phone on priority alerts only, seems to have fixed it for the mornings.