Alarm when I Walt to wake up

Hi everybody!
I try to wake up with my fair phone 2 last day…
it belt at the right hour, but to turn the alarm off, it was the mess… the only solution I found was to go in the application to stop the bell ringing… and I have a code to secure my phone… so it took a certain time…
Is there any solution to turn off the alarm clock, shorter that I had found?
Thanks for your answer

I haven’t used it (on my FP1) for quite a while, but I seem to remember that a simple push on the volume button helped. Have you tried it?

Thanks for the answer… I’ve tried it, like on my oldest iPhone, but it didn’t worked;(

Swipe to the right to stop the alarm, or to the left to snooze.


Merci Chrisse!!! This time it’s ok! I just had to accept the notifications for the clock to be able to swipe left or right!