Alarm icon staying on

Hi everyone, I recently upgraded the Fairphone OS as well as encrypted my phone but now for some reason the Alarm icon is always visible in the system bar even though I don’t have any alarms set up in the native Clock app. Could this also be related to Location icon staying on?


In your first and second screenshot it shows an alarm for Monday 7am. So I think it’s more a topic of the clock app than of an icon staying on (well, probably it doesn’t make it better…).

But isn’t it usefull to have an icon / reminder for a set alarm, independent of the used alarm app?
I think it works as designed.

Hi both,

Sorry, I’ve been a little stupid. I’ve realised that it’s the BBC iPlayer Radio app that has an alarm clock set for that time. I confused myself because the Edit button for the time widget on the Fairphone lock screen takes you to the native clock app, not the app with the alarm set.

It would be nice if it could launch the app that has an alarm clock set, in this situation the BBC app.

Apologies for the inconvenience.