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Ich freu mich schon auf alle die kommen!
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##Nur mehr 1 Stunde!!! :smiley:

Danke noch einmal an @Eva für die Ersatzbatterie, leider hat mein Fairphone damit nur ungefähr eine halbe Stunde funktioniert. Inzwischen glaube ich, dass das Fairphone die Akkus irgendwie zerstört. Momentan denke ich, ich gebe jetzt auf. Das Ding ist einfach kaputt und wahrscheinlich zu kompliziert zum Reparieren.

Na geh! :frowning: Schicks ihnen, das darf nicht sein!

Nachbesprechung am Sonntag, 24.5., 13:00 im Yamm. Auch die willkommen, die nicht beim 2. FP Community Treffen Wien dabei waren! :smile:

Genau Infos oben.

How the 2nd Fairphone Community Meetup in Vienna on 20.05.2015 went

We had found a much better Location than last time: The „Jugendkirche Wien“ generously provided us with their event room called “BlueBox”, where we could arrange couches and tables at our pleasure. There was some bread left from another event and Paul organized spread.

All in all we were 11 People, 2 of which came from Graz to Vienna, just for our Meetup, and one even from Bregenz (600km!). Furthermore Vera from the Organization SOL and Su from Vienna Open visited us. Maybe there will be cooperation in the future.

We started with a little flashback to past events (1. FP Meetup, encounter at the FairERleben) and Stefan talked about Fairphone’s 5 main values and current developments. (Unfortunately we didn’t hear anything specific about the Fairphone 2… :frowning: ) Next Vera and Su talked about their Organizations and efforts.

In the second part of the event Eva moderated the urban mining quiz and then we whipped out some screwdrivers to disassemble a few old cellphones. As a reward, everybody got a Fairphone-T-Shirt, among other goodies.

Thanks to everybody who came, and a special thank you to Michael, who filmed the event.


:gb: I updated the first post with the report from our 2nd meetup! :slight_smile: Happy reading! :slight_smile:

CC: @Chris_R

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@Stefan, @Eva, @paulakreuzer, Michael and everyone else who organised and participated in the second community meetup in Vienna, on behalf of the Fairphone team, thank you so much! We’re happy to hear that the event program was so interesting and all went well. Great that you’ve connected to Vienna Open.

@Eva, I’d be happy to hear any feedback on the Urban Mining Manual so we can improve it.

@paulakreuzer Amazing pictures! Do you have more? :wink: Curious to see.

@Stefan, we’d also be very interested to see Michael’s footage from the event, if possible.


I’,m afraid we had troubles with recording sound, so it’s visual only… :frowning: I will send you a link as soon as we have something to share! :slight_smile:

Hello community,
some weeks ago I heard from Tina Trinks, that some people in the community are translating the urban mining manuals into german. Perhaps my brother could help doing a part of that. Does anyone know about this project?

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@paulakreuzer was taking care of this, maybe he can give you an answer! :slight_smile:

It’s official now: The Austrian Fairphoners will hold an Urban Mining Workshop at the Vienna Open Festival! :smiley:

Date: 3.9.2015
Time: 14:00-16:00
Location: Mobiles Stadlabor, Karlsplatz Wien

There will soon be a notification on our mailing list at: vienna[at]fairphone[dot]community Send us an email to be notified of our activities! :slight_smile:

Cc: @EvaS @paulakreuzer @anon90052001 @anon70572005 @anon30133089


Congrats! Exciting. We’ll talk by email how we can help and what materials you need for the event.

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I’m already registered with the Vienna Business Run on that very same day …

What a pity! :frowning: I’m sure there will be another opportunity to meet. :sunny:

Thank you, @anon90052001, I’ve already replied to @anon30133089’s mail! :slight_smile:

Our next Urban Mining Workshop at Vienna Open Festival is now online:

Please sign up, and don’t forget your old, broken phones, so we can take them apart together! :smiley:

There is also a Facbook Invitation.

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Fairphone hat auf Facebook gefragt, wo das Fairphone 2 nach London noch präsentiert werden soll. Bitte einloggen und für Wien kommentieren! :smiley:


Ah gäh… :wink:

Aber prima, dass sie das machen, hoffentlich gibt das den nötigen Push für mehr Aufmerksamkeit.

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Der Urban Mining Workshop ist MORGEN! :smiley:

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Jetzt gehts los! :smiley: