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40 Minutes to go… (just bumping this topic up :wink: )

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How did it go?! Do you have some nice pictures and stories to share?


The meetup just ended (it went on for 3 hours)! :smiley: There were 10 people, including Fairphone CEO Bas van Abel, @anon30133089 (Public Engagement at FP), Laura Gerritsen (Impact and Development at FP), @EvaS, @rainer_zufall and @z3ntu. A group photo will be available soon( it’s on Daria’s FP2). :slight_smile:

Remember that it was the first time, the FP2 smelled Austrian air in the public! :smiley: Here some impressions:

#Save the date! :smiley:

The next meetup in Vienna will be held on 16.12.2015 at 18:00 with a celebration of the first anniversary of the Austrian Fairphoners, a lookback to the events of the last year and the possibility to troubleshoot your FP1 hardware- and softwarewise. Hopefully our FP2s will be shipped by then. The location is to be announced later.


Thanks for the afternoon :blush:

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It was great to see the phone in real life and chat with all of you! :smile: Thanks to the Fairphone Team (@anon30133089, Laura and Bas) as well as to the Austrian Fairphoners (@Stefan and @EvaS) for making this possible!

ps. regarding the next meet up: I have an exam on the following day. Unfortunately it is very unlikely that I will be able to join. :confused:

Actually, partnering with the “official” Fairphone team and organizing this meetup was to a great extent @paulakreuzer’s idea, who unfortunately didn’t make it to the event. Thank you!

@anon30133089, having gotten back to A’dam, just sent me the pics that were taken yesterday. I’ll post the group photo:

From left to right: @anon30133089, @rainer_zufall, @EvaS, Philipp, @Lars , Bas, Laura, @z3ntu, @Stefan.

PS: This picture was taken with a FP2 prototype, the final Fairphone 2 will have a better camera quality (the software is not finished yet).

[quote=“rainer_zufall, post:116, topic:2183”]
ps. regarding the next meet up: I have an exam on the following day. Unfortunately it is very unlikely that I will be able to join. :confused:
[/quote] That is indeed a pity! We could have shared the latest info from the blog posts, since you read them too as soon as they get published! :woot:


Ups. I didn’t know! In that case also thank you @paulakreuzer!


True blue! :sunglasses: :+1:

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Any of you going to the Futurezone.at Awards tonight in Wien?

Fairphone was nominated :smiley:

Would be great if someone from the audience could take pictures :smile:

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Is this public? I couldn’t find a link to date or time.

Hi out there! I registered today and I’m waiting way too long now for my preordered FP2. But hopefully it will arrive before Christmas.
Perhaps I can arrange to come on 16.12.2015 for the anniversary.
Greetings from Dürnstein/Wachau (perhaps the most beautiful fog area in Austria)

PS How to get a Fairphone TShirt?


Servus Franz, willkommen im Forum (wenn du möchtest, kannst du dich hier vorstellen)! :slight_smile: Wow, wäre cool, wenn du kommst!

PS.: You can get a t-shirt at the meetup.

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##Wir haben einen Ort für das Geburtstagsfest!!!

  • Ort: Metalab, Rathausstraße 6, 1010 Wien
  • Anreise: U-Bahn U2 (Rathaus); Straßenbahn 1, 2, D (Stadiongasse/Parlament); Citybike (Friedrich-Schmidt-Platz)

PS.: An alle, die nicht in oder in der Nähe von Wien wohnen: Wir bereiten was für Mitte Jänner für die gesamte Österreich-Community vor. Stay informed! :wink:


##We found a location for the anniversary!!!


:de: Ich habe gerade eine Einladung an unsere Mailingliste ausgesendet. Wenn ihr unsere Mails bekommen wollt, dann schreibt uns doch an austrianfairphoners[at]openmailbox.org :slight_smile:

:gb: I just sent out an invitation to our mailing list. If you want to receive our news per mail, contact us at austrianfairphoners[at]openmailbox.org :slight_smile:

My mum made a birthday cake: :smiley:

See you at 19:00 today! :smiley:


Have fun tonight!


Thank you! :smiley: Will we see each other via Skype? :slight_smile:

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Yes! Wasn’t that supposed to be a suprise? :wink:

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This is buried here for a reason… :wink: No, not really a surprise because in the OP it says “If everything works out, we will have a live shout out to Amsterdam.” :slight_smile:


I need to push this, with all the unexpected mail traffic! :wink:

##Less than 2 hours to go! :smiley: