Akku und Spacer für Fairphone 1

:warning: This post contains instructions that can cause severe harm to you. :warning:
Opening and modifying batteries is very dangerous.

The battery is the most dangerous part of any phone. It has in numerous cases been linked to explosions, wounds and property damage. Just search on the internet and you’ll find them.

Fairphone employees have seen with their own eyes the issues involved in the process of manufacturing batteries. The health and safety of the workers involved is very often in jeopardy.

The combination of a complex technical product, very severe consequences if done badly and the very limited amount of suppliers who produce in a responsible way, led Fairphone to the conclusion it was not able to produce batteries.

In the absence of complete documentation and information, and the possibility to visit the factory where these batteries are made, we are unable to approve or support third party batteries.

Fairphone values learning by opening your devices but we want you all to stay safe.

End of obligatory piece of text that is part of all topics in which people talk about putting unofficial batteries in their Fairphones.

Für das Fairphone 1 gibt es jetzt auch einen “Spacer” zum Ersatzakku. Damit lässt sich das Akku im Fairphone 1 fixieren. Ich hab’s ausprobiert, es funktioniert gut.

Hier ein Link dazu:

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